The Truth Unites

Written by: Hannah Shimmel and Isabella Gonzalez

He is the most despotic and toxic first minister in the life of our country.” “All ideological, theological and political debates with the radical Christian right are useless.” “It is obvious from listening to the video that not one person whom Congressman Burton or the panel questioned had any conclusive evidence.” These are all direct quotes from The Truth Unites– an online news source that claims to be an unbiased source of truthful information.

The epidemic of fake news is spreading in modern society. It’s being used by world leaders to degrade large news publications, members of certain political parties to devalue the other party’s opinions, and as a way for people to simply not accept anything they don’t personally believe in. Granted, charges of fake news are often made, but the idea stemmed from something real.

News publications can improve their trustworthiness by hiring writers who fact check everything they incorporate into articles. Even more easily, however, news publications can be distributors of fake news. The Truth Unites proves this to be true.

From the About Us Page, The Truth Unites describes itself as “a non-partisan collection of written articles and videos”, suggesting that their articles will not be biased. Though reading through them, readers can easily see that, in practice, this is far from true. On the website, it is difficult to find even one article which is not biased in nature.

One article titled The New Media World Order offers a take on what they call “alternative news” from publications and how news is shifting from something reliable to something less trustworthy. The article states “the content of the medias is mutating– only last year, they were still logical, and tended towards objectivity. They offered one other mutual contradiction in a spirit of healthy competition. Now they act in gangs, basing their coherence on emotions, and becoming vicious when they are facing people they condemn”

This was an interesting article to include on the website, as it implies that The Truth Unites is against fake or “alternative” news, when it is evident that it is a source of such news itself.

News articles seem to have some tells to determine whether the article is fake or a true depiction of an issue. Through these tells, The Truth Unites can be proven invalid.

In the About Us Page, they explain how “Large news organisations are too often a victim of their own corporate governance”. Based on the About Us section, the website sounded like a news site trying to cater to both sides of the political spectrum while providing their audience with truthful information. As said in the about section, “It is our duty to mankind to halt the spread of corporate propaganda, religious and political dogma and the disparity that it creates and to spread the TRUTH so that all of humanity can thrive.” The Truth Unites clearly did not grow by its own standards.

As explained in the Disclaimer, The Truth Unites accesses news from other sources and republishes the news stories on their own website. By doing this, they supposedly filter out propaganda, clickbait, and political bias which would otherwise be provided on other various news sources. In reality, however, reading through the stories, one can tell that most, if not all, of these things are heavily present.

The website does not filter out political bias. Referring to one article specifically- Canada: Decoding Harper’s Terror Game. Beneath the Masks and Diversions- readers can infer that that the article will be biased against Stephen Harper just from the title. Delving further into this article, readers are exposed to a much deeper level of bias when the writer says “On the world stage,  he is the servant of Big Oil boiling oil out of tar-sands to destroy major river systems and pollute the planet with dirty oil, while his attack dog John Baird leads the warmongering and bullying of nations like Iran and Syria targeted by the US-Israeli axis.”

The Truth Unites portrays itself as a website that will steer clear of bias, but when one looks into the articles, one can easily see that this portrayal is an inaccurate one.

Online news publications are constantly describing themselves as truthful sources of information, and yet still manage to be some of the most untrustworthy sources of information. The Truth Unites is one source that has proven this to be true beyond any reasonable doubt.


The Truth Unites is a self proclaimed non-partisan collection of articles and videos from several sources. It’s essential purpose is to “challenge the mainstream media and it’s often extremely skewed reporting of the events that shape our lives.”

Site report card

Is it clear who founded the website and for what purpose and who operates it now?

Grade: 1

The website’s purpose is clearly noted- to stay away from propaganda and relay truthful information.

There is no indication as to who founded the website or who the current operators are.

Is it clear what is fact and what is opinion? Is it clear when the information is original to the website and when it has been gathered from other sources?

Grade: 3

This website has no indication to what is fact or opinion. The readers have to read the text and decipher this themselves.

The website does state on a disclaimer page and on the About Us page that none of the articles are their own.

Are sources of information, claims or charges named and when they are not is the reason is clear? Are all facts are supported with evidence and is that evidence unbiased?

Grade: 1

Many of the articles on the website do cite different sources, but rarely provide links to the sources. Claims made are, more often than not, extremely biased and don’t have any evidence to support them.

Do articles emphasize authenticity and avoid language like “believe,” “think,” or “feel” when referring to sources other than the writer? Do articles avoid large, unattributed narrative sections?

Grade: 2

The articles do not use specific language including “believe”, “think”, or “feel” but the tone and moods of the articles certainly imply these words in certain areas.

There are a lot of times when there will be a narrative without any sources or valid evidence to back up what is being stated.