Real News Network

Written by: Cora Stone and Kayla Jeffers

Paul Jay founded the The Real News Network in 2005 with the purpose of reporting “with ordinary people in mind.” The site promotes movements for the working class, peace, environmental health, and anti-racism. The website strongly emphasizes no advertisement and government or corporate funding. While the website reports on valid topics and issues, the lack of evidence and outside sources lessen the authenticity of the website’s content.

The Real News Network is filled with transcripts of videos of reporters commentating on a certain topic rather than written articles. The website creates its own content and rarely utilizes contributions from other sources. Videos such as “Anti-Muslim Manchester Demo Unites Britain’s Far-Right” do not contain any references to outside sources.

This page, just like many other pages, is just a transcript and not a real article. 

The few articles that were written lacked factual evidence for the claims. In the article “Scientists Say Temperatures Will Pass Critical 2 Degrees Celsius Threshold by 2050,” the only study provided was a survey that asked a group whether or not they believed in global warming, which did not relate to the title or support the given claim. The commentary of the reporters on the site are mostly biased and the answers of the interviewees are the sole content of information provided, which also did not contain any outside studies or examples. An interview entitled “Baltimore’s Rent Court Stacked Against Low-Income Residents” provides no actual evidence of the odds stacked against them, and instead focuses on a local murder and their opinions on it. The questions asked also maintained a bias view of the concept, providing swayed answers. Eddie Conway, the interviewer, said that whites, “have their own mentality, their own white supremacy.” This might cause residents answer to be biased against whites.

Rather than proving their statements with statistics and data, the site based its reports on opinions.  Jay stated that the two degrees Celsius mark “could” be reached by 2050, and an unnamed interviewee’s proof that the “rent court is stacked against them” was that “ he feels as though” he is being persecuted against.  These opinions rather than data question the authenticity to the site. Diction such as “catastrophic” and “overwhelming” were also used to create an urgent tone, making the article appear to contain a valid problem, when in fact there is no support to backup their claims.  

The propaganda that was found on the website shows its biased against Donald Trump.

Although the Real News Network proposes issues that are up-to-date and valid, the opinionated presentation of these topics demote the website’s credibility.



The Real News Network is a non-profit website that does not accept advertisements and government fundings. Serving as the “missing link in the global media landscape,” The Real News Network (TRNN) shares daily news videos and documentaries that interest the everyday person. The website covers big stories that support movements for working people’s rights, peace, environmental health, and anti-racism. The stories are “fact-based” and are not limited to just cover people of high power.

Site report card

Is it clear who founded the website and for what purpose and who operates it now?

Grade: 3

It is clear who founded the website and the stories provided did relate to their purpose of promoting movements such as: peace, anti- racism, environmental health and the rights for the working class. But in articles such as the “Baltimore’s Rent Court Stacked Against Low-Income Residents,” the reporters are very bias when asking questions to the interviewer, causing their answers to be bias as well.

Is it clear what is fact and what is opinion? Is it clear when the information is original to the website and when it has been gathered from other sources?

Grade: 0

Most of the website consisted of interviews and commentary which provided no outside sources or data. In the articles, there are no links or any proven facts to the claims.

Are sources of information, claims or charges are named and when they are not the reason is clear? Are all facts supported with evidence and that evidence is unbiased?

Grade: 1

The “articles” on the website did not relate to any sources to verify their facts. Most “articles” were actually transcripts of commentary from a video that was on the page. When I was skimming through the website, there were only a few that related their facts to a source. I found only one video, “Corporate Democrats’ Ties to Wal-Mart’s Long Record of Fighting Workers’ Rights: Part 1,” that was not just commentary and related its sources to other news sites such as “MSNBC” and “The Hill.”

Do articles emphasize authenticity and avoid language like “believe,” “think,” or “feel” when referring to sources other than the writer? Do articles avoid large, unattributed narrative sections?

Grade: 1

In an article entitled “Scientists Say Temperatures Will Pass Critical 2 Degrees Celsius Threshold by 2050”, the author claimed it “could” happen and provided no actual evidence. In the interviews conducted, the interviewee’s responses were filled with language such as “I feel as though,” “I feel like,” and “I just feel like” with no actual evidence to back up their claims.